Security Shutters

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Window Products Management (WPM) provides and installs exterior Rolling Security Shutters over windows and doors for both commercial and residential projects. Along with security, exterior rolling shutters reduce energy consumption by eliminating direct solar heat gain and improving the thermal performance (reduce conducted gain/loss) of the openings where they are installed.  Rolling security shutters are also very effective in deflecting sound waves, thus reducing outside noise.


Motorized security shutters can be installed over windows and doors where they roll up and are concealed within a cassette system.  They can also be designed into the building envelope, so that they appear and disappear through openings over the windows and doors.

Services Specific to Rolling Security Shutters:

  • Research the project and recommend the appropriate exterior shutter manufacturer
  • Meet with the design team to select the appropriate operating system, including motors
  • Make integration recommendations when third party controls are being considered
  • Provide security shutter samples for the design team to show their client
  • Provide cost estimates to complete the installation
  • Write detailed Division 12 specifications based on the final selection
  • Provide dimensional information to build the security shutters into the envelope
  • Work directly with other subcontractors to assist them in preparing for the shutter installation