Commercial Window Shades Versus Glass Tinting

Commercial Window Shades Versus Glass Tinting

As Ventura’s leading commercial window professionals, we understand the problems associated with energy transfer and loss. Having a variety of options and covering solutions, it can be hard to know what is the right thing to do. You want to save money, but what window covering is going to be the most effective?

Window coverings offer your property many benefits; however, it’s important to realize the effects of the treatment that you select. Offering owners both cooling and insulation properties, blocking excessive light, and adding in the reduction of your energy costs, you can expect a noticeable difference no matter which option you select.

When making the decision to create a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient atmosphere, we always start with your windows. But, what type of window covering is right for your office? Do window shades offer more protection? Is glass tinting more durable? Deciding between the two may seem like a bit of personal preference, but when you sit down and compare their efficiency and protection, you may be able to make a more informed decision that will benefit you and your property for years to come.


Shades Vs. Tinting

When making your decision, you will want to consider the following:


Direct sunlight can create glare on screens and displays which can impact your productivity throughout the day. Window shades allow you to redirect the sun’s light, changing the natural light in any room. On the flip side, glass tinting can control the excessive brightness in a room caused by the sun, without changing the natural light that is let in. With film, you can still enjoy the view.


When it comes to blocking sunlight, shades offer wonderful protection against incoming harmful rays. During the hot summer months when the sun is shining all day long, shades are a good way to reduce the internal temperature; however, depending on the shade color, heat can be absorbed and expelled in the room. Glass tint, on the other hand, reflects the sun’s rays before it ever enters the room, blocking a larger amount of the heat and offering better insulation properties for year-round energy protection.

UV protection

Natural light means natural beauty; but along with natural light comes UV rays. These rays can be quite detrimental to both your employees and your furnishings, causing skin damage and increased fading. It’s important that whether you chose shades or tint, you are aware of its UV protection properties, and how much natural light you are going to cut out. Generally speaking, tinting allows you to eliminate the majority of UV rays that enter through the windows while still allowing you an unobstructed view outside.


Privacy is an important factor for some businesses. Just as tint allows for an uninterrupted view out, it also means an undisturbed view in. If you are looking to reduce the visibility into your building, you will want to consider the difference between shades and tint and what time of day you are most active in your building.


While neither will prevent your windows from shattering, shades will block glass from projecting into a room, and window film will keep the window intact – both of which can reduce the chance of personal harm.

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When deciding between window tinting and shades, there are many factors to take into consideration. By contacting our team, we can provide you with a detailed assessment, and help you make the right decision that will offer the most benefits for your specific commercial needs.

Your goals, your windows – we are the professionals who provide you with what you need. To schedule your window transformation, or for more details about our window shades and glass tinting capabilities, call Window Products Management now.

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