Window Treatments for LEED Certification

Window Treatments for LEED Certification

When you are looking into ways to save money on your next building project or renovation be sure to think about LEED certification. Window Products Management can be instrumental in getting your building up to LEED standards. We can do this through our project design & management services of architectural design consulting, window covering automation, division 12 product specification, solar and thermal control, and installation. We also offer a number of products that make the solar and thermal control of window energy transference easy and attractive, including  a motorized and automated system for everything from a single home to a complex of buildings, and roller shades made of special material. We also offer retractable awnings, overhead shades, and exterior roller shades, as well as drapery and window treatments, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, cellular shades, window film, and security shutters.

LEED Certification

LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system established by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). According to Concrete Thinking, the LEED rating “evaluates the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation toward sustainable design.” While many in the industry express concerns about the future of the progress of sustainability under the climate-change denying Trump administration, it is logical to think that regardless of the acceptance of the idea that we affect climate change, everyone wants to save money, if not the planet.

LEED Certification is the way forward

Get LEED Certified!

Whether you are beginning your latest big-dollar construction project or planning a renovation for your home, LEED Certification should be at the top of your list of construction priorities. If you are a construction professional, you already know all about LEED, and how it is now “on track to directly contribute $303.5 billion to the U.S.GNP by 2018,” as pointed out by LEED certification is now used by 88 of the Fortune 100 companies. If those who are focused on the bottom line, turn to LEED Certification, you can bet it will save your smaller building or home enough money to make it worth it.


LEED Certification and Real Estate Values

As reported in Construction DIVE, according to research performed by Bentall Kennedy Property managers, having LEED certification improves real estate values. The study looked at the 34 million square feet and 24 million square feet in Canada that they manage and found that of the U.S. LEED-certified properties command 3.7 percent more rent and have four percent high occupancy rates. Additionally, it was reported that Energy-Star certified buildings “earned 2.7 % higher rents and saw a 9.5 % increase in occupancy.” One of the main reason behind this stellar performance must be the energy efficiency of LEED buildings and the energy savings it creates. According to PRNNewswire, the “energy consumption per square foot was 14 percent lower in U.S. LEED-certified properties than in buildings without certification.”


Window Products Management can help you get LEED certified with our products and services. Call us today and be part of the sustainable building movement and save money too!


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