Multi Purpose Security Shutters

Multi Purpose Security Shutters

Besides being the go-to experts for window treatment project design and implementation, fenestration, and energy consultations, we also offer several other products. One of these is security shutters. In this week’s blog, we’ll look more closely at this product and why they are a great solution for several problems residents and business owners in California and Arizona have.

If you’ve never lived anywhere that security shutters are common, you might be asking yourself what security shutters are. Security shutters are metal shutters that roll up and down at the touch of a finger. They roll up and out of site. Sometimes have what’s called a cassette system which is a box at the top of the window that holds the rolled up shutter when it has been rolled up. The second option to hide the metal is to have it recede into the building and completely disappear.

Sunshine Mean Heat!

Of course, we all love sunshine, if we didn’t we’d be living in the wrong state! But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it means having to crank your air conditioning 24 / 7 just to be comfortable.  In Arizona, the intensity of the summer heat from never wanes. Even in the middle of the night, the temperature can be in the upper 90’s. Whatever you can do to minimize the heat exchange from outside to inside your building, be it a home or a commercial brick and mortar building, can help increase human comfort, and lower your utility bills.

Coastal California is known for its moderate temperatures, but once you go inland, the temperatures can get unbearable. Security shutters can be rolled down during hours of intense sunlight to minimize heat transfer through the windows. If you live in an area where cold winter temperatures are a factor, security shutters can be deployed to keep out the heat loss as well.

Security Shutters are also a great way to increase your sound insulation. The metal shutters deflect sound waves, and so shut our unwanted noise. This may mean shutting out the sounds of traffic, neighbor’s or just ambient city noises so you can sleep.  When you combine this with excellent quality of shutting out the light, daytime sleepers will love the isolation that security shutters offer.


Added Security

These are not called security shutter for nothing!. These metal shutters keep out would-be burglars and vandals. In high-crime areas, or with valuable stock, these metal shutters give you peace of mind and possibly lower insurance rates.  In areas that are tagged with graffiti, shutters often become covered with graffiti, but this doesn’t hurt the functionality of the security shutters and keeps the graffiti off the building itself. They are great for home security too. You can leave your home for the weekend or the season and know that no one will gain unauthorized access to your home.


No matter if any or all of the above-stated reason are yours for getting metal security shutters, you can call Window Products Management and take advantage of all the benefits they offer.


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