A Facility Manager’s Best Friend

A Facility Manager’s Best Friend

Facility designers and managers have pretty tough jobs. Designers have to make sure that any type of facility is set up to function smoothly and that the facility will last in an effective manner for quite some time. Once the design and build is complete, then the facility or property manager takes over the daily processes of the facility, including making sure all systems are functioning properly and all bills are paid. For many office buildings, and other commercial facilities like apartment buildings, dormitories, and health care facilities, a often under considered item can make a big difference in the management of the facility and its overall efficiency: window treatments.

A big part of a facility or property manager’s job is to make sure that the bills are as low as possible while the tenants still get everything they need. All appliances, such as the HVAC system and lighting, should be working properly and, in many cases, you will want the most efficient products available. While designers may think about installing LED lighting, or the most efficient HVAC system, sometimes window treatments are completely missed. Don’t let that happen when you work with Window Products Management (WPM). We are able to provide a variety of solutions to fit budget, style, and efficiency needs for your building’s commercial window treatments.

Products Types that Improve a Building’s Efficiency

Automated Solutions

One of the most interesting products available through WPM that can improve any building’s efficiency are automated solutions. Not only do you not have to worry about tenants rolling down their blinds or closing their curtains when the sun is glaring in, but you get programed efficiency perfection when a computerized system raises and lowers window treatments based on the sun’s location. Brands like Savant, Control4, and Lutron are just some of the brands that we work with here at WPM that can provide you with automated solutions that will truly save your facility money.


Not only can a beautiful awning make a business or particular building stand out and provide beauty to outside spaces or pergolas, but they are also an effective tool for solar control. Opting for awnings that have retractable or operable features, allowing you to extend or retract them, provides a variety or thermal benefits. These options allow you to keep solar heat gain from building up on a business front, or even on guests sitting on a restaurant patio. But then the awnings can be retracted when you want to allow warmth from the sun, or if the space has moved into the shade. Versatility is key in being able to please clients and still maintain a thermally efficient building.

Shades and Blinds

Some of the most standard options for window treatments are shades and blinds of all different types. While this may not seem like the best choice if you’re looking for window treatments with high thermal efficiency, then you haven’t seen the selection of products available through WPM. All our shades and blinds are chosen with your needs in mind. Whether you’re more conscientious about budget, or you want the most efficient product available, we can work with you to meet any project need. Even if your facility has a day care that can’t have cords on the shades, we can do that too!

Window Films

Not only do window treatments like blinds, shades, and awnings help with your thermal efficiency, and therefore the facility energy bills, but WPM also offers a wide variety of window films for the best in window technology, thermal efficiency, and style needs. Keep reading to learn about a few of the different types of window films we provide.

Smart Film

One of the most interesting products that we offer is a window film product called Smart Film. This film is versatile in installation and use, but when an electric current is applied to the film, it is able to switch between an opaque and clear visibility. This provides for a variety of uses, including privacy, like a projection screen, solar control, and more.

Solar Control Film

Many businesses utilize the affordability and functionality of solar control film. This type of window film, or glass tinting, will allow greater control of daylighting in a facility, and will help to reduce glare, as well as solar heat gain in a space. There are a variety of colors, strengths, and other optical properties that can be included in solar control film to make it the best fit for the space.

Decorative Film

While decorative window film does not provide the best in efficiency and solar control options, there are many other reasons you may opt to go with decorative film on certain windows. This type of film is able to provide privacy or block terrible views. You can also use them to filter and soften the light that comes into a space.

When you’re looking for ways to reduce facility energy costs and improve the overall function and appeal of a space, turn to WPM for function and beautiful window treatments!

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