Window Treatments in the Health Care Industry

Window Treatments in the Health Care Industry

Here at Window Products Management (WPM) we work with a variety of clients across many different industries. Our focus is to provide your commercial establishment, and sometimes even private residences, with the most thermal efficient and visually appealing window treatments for the building’s fenestration. Because of the unique needs for window treatments in the health care industry, we’re perfectly suited to help any facility with their particular needs. We have years of experience helping health care facilities solve problems with their window treatment needs that are truly unique to the health care industry. Keep reading to learn about some of the solutions we are able to provide.


Privacy is key to being able to provide patients with the standard of care that they deserve any time they visit a health care facility. There are many challenges with this as windows provide natural light and the ability to check on patient rooms without having to open a door. Whether you’re in need of window treatments for interior windows or exterior ones, you’ll know you’re in good hands with WPM. Consider some of the scenarios where privacy window treatments are a must have item in a health care setting.

Patient Spaces

There are many different types of patient spaces, from private exam rooms, which we will discuss in a minute, to group treatment facilities for cancer or dialysis patients. Many of these facilities and spaces can be found on main floors which passersby can easily look into. For example, at WPM, we worked on a DaVita Dialysis Center that was on a main level. In order to provide the patients with privacy and still retain natural light, we installed roller shades around the room with a 1 percent visibility at the bottom and a 10 percent view screen at the top. This unique design gave dialysis patients privacy, but still allowed exterior light to enter. This style of window treatments could also be beneficial for waiting rooms and other types of patient spaces at a health care facility.

Exam Rooms

Exam rooms are a unique type of patient space that absolutely requires privacy. There are many different designs for exam rooms that can include both interior windows, exterior windows, or no windows at all. Obviously, you won’t be needing window treatments for an exam room with no windows, but ones that have either exterior or interior windows will absolutely need them. For exterior windows, you will want to consider a similar method to our DaVita Dialysis example. Never settle for shades that can allow people outside to see the patient in the exam room. Interior window treatments are more flexible in terms of requirements than exterior ones. While a patient still needs privacy, you don’t have to worry about addressing sun control concerns at the same time, allowing you to have many options to choose from!


Sun Control

While privacy is certainly the most important consideration for window treatments for any health care facility, sun control and energy conservation are also exceptionally important to consider. Here at WPM, you won’t find better experts in providing proper sun control anywhere else.

Large Hallway Windows

Health care spaces are notorious for having areas with large windows, including entryways and hallways, just to name a few. These large windows, while beautiful, can also cause many complications and difficulties when you need to control the indoor temperature and the interior sun exposure. Knowing what materials and products not only compliment the space where you need to provide sun control, but also being able to incorporate them into the fenestration design is exceptionally important. It’s also critical to incorporate the necessary thermal control into these window treatment systems for them to be a truly effective solution.

Natural Daylighting

While you may enjoy being out in the sun, when you’re inside and it’s pouring in, it can often cause a space to heat up or there is an intense glare that is simply uncomfortable. But why should you opt for window treatments in your health care facility that don’t allow any light in? The answer is that you shouldn’t. There are many window treatment options available that can provide sun control as well as still allowing natural daylighting in your facility. This is important because natural light can influence mood and the well-being of individuals who utilize your facility.

Cleanable Fabrics

The last component worth talking about in terms of window treatments in your health care facility is making sure you have treatments that are cleanable and resistant to microorganisms. This isn’t optional, but necessary.

Microguard Mesh

Here at WPM, we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and able to provide all our clients with solutions to fit their unique needs. We are able to offer health care facilities several different types of fabric for roller shades, from Microguard brand to Greenguard certified ones, in order to provide you with window treatments that will repel germs. This makes it much easier to meet compliance certifications for a facility, clean the facility top to bottom, and also keep everyone healthy by simply using the best material for the job.

Trust no one but the best, most experienced commercial window treatment experts available for your health care facility needs. We will work with you to come up with creative and innovative solutions that best fit your patient’s needs and your facility’s needs. Contact the experts at WPM today for more information!

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