Welcome to Window Products Management!

Welcome to Window Products Management!

Welcome to the Window Products Management (WPM) blog. We’re happy that you found us and would like to take the time to let you know what we do here at WPM for those of you who haven’t worked with us before. Here at WPM, we create unique solutions for building fenestration for our commercial clients. There are many steps along the way that we take in order to improve building thermal efficiency, provide our clients with sleek window treatments, and help to implement these solutions.

STEP 1: Consultation

Most of our clients here at WPM are individuals who work in the design and construction realm. They’re architects, building designers, interior designers, and facility managers that are in need of unique solutions for their projects. Whenever a client knows they need a commercial window treatment solution, they turn to us. We are able to provide an initial project consultation where our group of exceptionally experienced professionals will come and evaluate your particular project’s needs. This includes identifying the unique needs for the fenestration, and evaluating the thermal efficiency and solar control solutions that need to be put in place. A consultation with our team includes research for the building needs, looking into appropriate solutions, providing recommendations and samples, as well as identifying the cost.

What makes WPM so unique from other venders is our team and their expertise. You won’t find a team of individuals more dedicated to providing window covering solutions and helping to make your project look and function at its absolute best. John Edwards has over 25 years of experience, especially related to energy and glass. Russ Elinson provides critical experience in window covering manufacturing. Frank Tafuri is our expert in motorization and automation of all our solutions with his incredible field experience. Larry Mesa has a unique skillset that few still have from his experience as a master drapery designer. When it comes down to it, it’s our staff that makes your experience with WPM truly unique.  

STEP 2: Solutions

After you speak with our team and we are able to evaluate your needs, we will provide you with a variety of window treatment solutions that will help to resolve any concerns with a high solar heat gain coefficient, as well as provide optimal aesthetics for the space. We work with a variety of companies that carry quality, top-notch products that will satisfy even the most particular clients. Everything from automated roller shades to specialized draperies and so much more are available for each and every client.

STEP 3: Implementation

windowtreatmentsAfter clients have approved the plan and solutions that have been discussed, products are ordered and then need to be implemented. Not only is our team capable of creating exquisite and functional window treatments, we are also able to either work with subcontractors and contractors to install them or provide installation for the project. We make sure that our solutions are executed perfectly so that our clients are not only pleased but also everyone who sees them.

Window Products Management is the premier commercial-grade window treatments company that has not only the products that lead the industry but also the expertise. Contact us today to talk with a staff member about your unique project!

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