Case Study: Exterior Shades

Case Study: Exterior Shades 2018-03-28T13:03:41+00:00

Project Description

 exterior mounted cable guided rolling shade application

Cable Guided Exterior Roller Shades

Window Products Management (WPM) designed and installed this exterior-mounted, cable-guided rolling shade application on a ranch estate in upper Ojai in order to reduce a high solar heat gain coefficient. WPM also installed motorized, reflective roller shades on the interior of this home, but the client was still experiencing too much solar gain because they had a very high glass to floor space ratio on the west side of the building.


This is a secondary residence and when the family was away for several days, the exposed, west facing glass was collecting solar energy and converting it to heat to a degree where the HVAC system could not keep up. The dark material selected is now absorbing the heat outside the glass where it then convects away and into the environment. It is held in place with guide cables that are on either side of each shade’s bottom hem-bar. The shades are easily rolled up when the home is in use.

Solar heat reduction

Solar reduction

Project Characteristics

  • Maximum solar control in excess of
    80% reduction in direct solar heat gain
  • Passive solar control that allows winter
    time heat gain when it is desirable
  • Easily operated, the screens can be left
    down on some doors and windows
    and open on others for egress.
  • Substantial reduction in air condition
  • Improved comfort

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