Case Study: CL20 Modern Addition Prototype

Case Study: CL20 Modern Addition Prototype 2018-03-28T13:03:38+00:00

Project Description

CL20 Modern Addition Prototype

Window Products Management had the privilege of participating in the design and installation of the exterior shades on the award winning CL:20 Modern Addition Prototype designed by Shubin + Donaldson Architects. The innovative and cost effective prototype was an addition to Robin Donaldson’s family home in Santa Barbara.

The CL:20 is a transparent glass box with exterior walls made of custom installed, dual-pane, insulated glazing, meaning this project had some very unique fenestration challenges. The unique design maximizes daylighting while providing excellent solar and thermal control through an efficient fenestration strategy that includes motorized exterior shades. The high-performance, color neutral glazing achieves a 0.27 solar heat gain coefficient while allowing 64 percent of visible light into the space. When the shades are unfurled the solar heat gain coefficient drops to 0.12.

The glass addition is covered by 11 cable guided motorized shade bands. Robin Donaldson was involved in planning the details of the application and elected to have the roller tubes and mechanics exposed rather than covered by fascia. The shade material is Ferrari Soltis 86 and was selected not only because it provided the architectural appearance Robin desired, the material is also designed specifically for exterior use and will not distort under tension. The motors are 110V Somfy radio frequency controlled.

The exterior shades are an integral piece in a well thought-out fenestration design on CL:20 that allows the Donaldson’s to increase the solar performance of their glass when its sun-struck and then retract the shades when solar heat or additional daylighting is desired.

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