Case Study: CBC Federal Credit Union

Case Study: CBC Federal Credit Union 2018-03-28T13:03:38+00:00

Project Description

Window Products Management worked with Johnson – Muller Architects to design and install a motorized and manually operated interior shading system that would reduce energy consumption and improve comfort at the CBC Federal Credit Union building in Ventura, California.

The motorized shades were hidden within ceiling mounted head-boxes and closure plates were tucked into channels along the exterior windows. They are designed to be operated by push-button control or solar sensors. The shade material selected was Phifer Wire’s Performance Plus that utilizes a unique process where the side of the material facing the sun is coated with aluminum which dramatically improves the material’s solar heat gain coefficient by scattering and reflecting the sun’s rays back through the glass.

CBC Federal Credit Union staff report dramatic reductions in glare and heat on sun-struck windows when the shades are down. The material also allows CBC employees to work in the exterior offices while enjoying a view and maintaining privacy due to the shading system.

Glass Frame

manually operated interior shading system

Project Characteristics

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced HVAC load
  • Greater occupant comfort through glare and heat reduction
  • Improved occupant privacy
  • Automation through push button control & solar sensors

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